Small shaker with acoustic enclosure for noise measurement

Key features of Acoustic Enclosure, Dewetran DAQ, Dewesoft and 100 kgf shaker

  • Background noise can go as low as 30 dB.
  • Measured noise can be exported to Excel file also the saved file can be played back as video.
  • FFT and other statistical analysis can be done, various math functions can be added for various analysis as well.
  • The system can be triggered by various means, like external pulse, high and low level values etc.
  • Dewetran 8 Channel Universal input DAQ from Austria, 8 AI, 24 DI, 2 CAN Bus ports, 24Bit, 204.8Ks / s
  • 100 kgf shaker with Sine, Random and Shock test capability
  • The shaker can be placed in Acoustic enclosure and can be used to measure noise during vibrate environment.
  • 3 axis tests can be done by tilting the armature

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