SKC ENVIRON LAB PVT LTD is an environment test lab for inspection, verification, testing and validation for automotive, aerospace, electronics and various other industries. We are recognized in the industry based on our quality, competitive cost and on time delivery. Our deep knowledge in product testing provides us with a unique niche to help and educate some of our customers with safety, regulatory and product reliability standard. In some cases we help write test standards and provide product specification to their customers.

Our customers include Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical (OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3) and various Appliance & Consumer product manufacturer. We are constantly looking beyond customer's needs to provide specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk.



List of Tests offered

  • Vibration Test at Ambient condition up to 100g and Frequency of 3000 Hz
  • Vibration Test at Hot and Cold Temperature from -70 to +200°C, 98% RH
  • Thermal Shock Test, basket transfer time 10 s -70 to +200°C, 98% RH
  • Hot, Cold and Humidity test -40 to +200°C, 98% RH
  • Seat Belt anchor pull test as per ECE R14
  • Door latch test as per ECE R11
  • Any other general Push / Pull test at different speed and load
  • Tensile and compression test
  • Tensile test at Hot and Cold Environment
  • Normal and Cyclic Corrosion test
  • Hydro static pressure test
  • Noise measurement and analysis
  • Taber abrasion test for paint related test
  • Automated drop test
  • Customized endurance tests for various components
  • Sulphur dioxide test
  • Flammability test
  • 100kN /Servo actuator for tension / compression / cyclic fatigue test with precise control over force and displacement
  • Test for shipment packagings